The Right Advice
         Date: 02-Apr-2018

Apropos exclusive interview of RSS Sarsanghchalak Dr Mohan Bhagwat with Editor Prafulla Ketkar in Organiser's issue dated  March 25, 2018, a very appropriate observation  has been made by Dr Bhagwat when he told RSS swayamsevaks," do not forget fundamentals in the favourable atmosphere".I thank the editor for thoroughly discussing points therein. However, I would like to emphasise that to the question about the message to swayamsevaks  Sarsangchalak ji has given very a very noble and realistic advice in the form of  a story of Diwan Ayyas who used to visit dilapidated hut in the jungle at night for seeing his torn coat.I am sure he has given a wonderful message to all readers who love this Nation to the core. I trust all will read it sincerely especially the swaymsevaks and pracharks.
Dr Sukesh Chander Sharma