Scientific knowledge is only a subset of the total knowledge system

Scientific knowledge is only a subset of the total knowledge system

Dr Surendra Singh Pokharna

THE recent developments in computer science and neurobiology clearly shows that knowledge is nothing but information organised in some way. And in turn, information is just organisation of data in some fashion. It is also realised that human consciousness (and even animal consciousness) is capable of organising these data and can generate information and hence knowledge in some way. Therefore what we call as scientific knowledge is just a subset of this grand concept of knowledge, which can exist in the human consciousness. Because all interpretations of all scientific experiments are ultimately done by human consciousness. Hence the  idea of Indian philosophy that  knowledge is actually  contained in the human consciousness needs further investigation in order to understand the total knowledge systems and the present crisis in several fields. Such an exploration could open new frontiers of knowledge and consciousness like telepathy and clairvoyance and others. It will be quite appropriate to mention that the famous scientist Einstein was so impressed by Indian systems of thought that he wished to become a monk in Indian system of thought and explore the new frontiers of knowledge. It is high time that we explore these new frontiers in the modern way. This will be best way to remember and celebrate  SwamyVivekanad’s 150th birth anniversary.

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