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$img_titleGovernment  only wanted  to prove CAG wrong? (Organiser, 2.12.2012);
This is with reference to the article, ‘Government only wanted to prove CAG wrong?’ by Abhimanyu in Organiser. In this context Smt Tavleen Singh’s article ‘Question time for Mr CAG’, in Sunday Express (dated 18.11.2012) is really disgusting. She asks, Mr CAG! Where is 1.76  lakh crore? This question was also asked by Manish Tiwari on a television debate. This all is due to RP Singh’s statement pointing out that there was only Rs 2,640 crore loss. He is a former DG Audit (Post & Telecom.). The fact is that CAG does not finalise the draft audit report till the last higher officer of auditee department has seen it and replied with contradiction if any. So why not telecom ministry contradicted the loss figure of  Rs 1.76 lakh crore. The Ministry of Finance is well equipped with IAAS, SAS officers and  even cost advisers. It should have engaged a few of them, who are very meticulous with professional approach like CAG, to recalculate the loss and should have quoted it in their reply to audit. But Kapil Sibal raised hue  and cry after the report was placed in the  House and the matter ultimately went to the Supreme Court, which is a cause of discomfort to the government. CAG has already clarified it as a presumptive loose (Mail Today 25.11.2012). Further he has stated that maybe Rs 1.6 lakh crore or Rs 2.6 lakh crore, it is debatable, (Indian Express,8.11.2012). In this regard the deposition of Ashok Chawala, Finance Secretary, before Chairman, PAC, Dr Murli Manohar Joshi is very interesting. He was questioned about the calculation of notional loss, Indian Express, 27. 2. 2012)  Chawla said  that  “Finally I would submit before the committee, it would be best if this would have got done by some  external departments. It means that loss figure remained unquestioned by auditee department, Here also question arises for RP Singh, who is very vocal today. Did he ever finalise any audit report without considering the element of presumptive figure? Coming back to Smt Singh, who inimically commented about Vinod Roy, the man whose  vanity and reckless arithmetic have made  him most famous CAG, and now he should come forward for his role in harming  the economy. Here Smt Singh must note that if economy  today is in shambles, it is due to wrong policies of UPA-2. Her articles in Sunday Express, titled ‘Why  India could remain forever poor’  and ‘A ministry that needs to die’ (14.10.2012) testify this fact.  Smt Singh further suggests to government  for impeaching CAG, and putting Supreme Court Judges into dock for cancelling 122 telecom licenses. This is her most uncivilised statement, needs to be condemned. Smt Singh further advocates,  that whatever harm A Raja did, it is balanced out of enormous benefit that came from  a policy which made mobile phone available to poor Indians. This is a baseless statement only to justify the theory of zero loss to please Kapil Sibal. CAG’s duty is to audit and highlight the loss to exchequer  and to the Parliament.
HS MEHTANI,  89/7 East Punjabi Bagh. New Delhi-26

Violence in Asom and threat of Bangladeshi infiltrators (Organiser, 18.11.2012); This refers to ‘Violence in Asom and threat of Bangladeshi infiltrators’ in Organiser. Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal (ABKM) of RSS has decried attempts to portray the Asom incidents of Bangladeshi infiltrators as a Muslim issue. It seems, that in the present suffocating national set-up, it has become a political compulsion to differentiate between local Muslims and Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators. But nobody can deny the fact, that these Muslim infiltrators are able to come simply b¬¬¬ecause there are already their Muslim brothers living as Indian citizen, who are keen to absorb them, apart form Muslim vote-bank politics being played by anti-national/anti-Hindu forces lead by Congress. The Islamic brotherhood of Indian Muslims with Bangladeshis is of very high nature, than nationalism of the Indian Muslims. As per news paper reports (see The Tribune dated 15.11.2012) Muslim leaders blame the government of harassing Muslim community in the name of illegal migrants. This  clearly shows the mind set of Muslims. Dr BR Ambedkar has very aptly said on page-325 of his book  Pakistan or the Partition of India, that “Brotherhood  of Islam is not universal brotherhood  of man, it is brotherhood of Muslims for Muslims only” and “Islam can never allow a  true Muslim to adopt India as his motherland and  regard a Hindu as his kith and kin.” In nut shell,  there is no difference between the local Muslims and infiltrators from Bangladesh, and both deserve to be sent to Bangladesh/ Pakistan, which they created in 1947, and have expelled almost the entire Hindu and Sikh population from Pakistan/Bangladesh (East Pakistan). We must understand, that so long as there are local Muslims, it would be impossible to deport Bangladeshi Muslims.
ANAND PRAKASH, 72/Sector-8, Panchkula-134 109

Execution of Ajmal Kasab Though the execution of Ajmal Kasab can be considered as an appropriate action taken,but the UPA Government this way, delaying his case and punishing him at the brim of the election period only shows, how well they had pre-planned the event to earn an undue appreciation from our countrymen, which is nothing but an eye-wash,  to secure their vote-bank and ensure a victory in the forth coming election. Here, I wish to communicate that these days people of our country are not that deceivable as those of previous years, they now know the true colours of the UPA Government.

Good news for Karnataka BJP:BJP Karnataka  unit will shortly   breath a sign of relief.Because one  good news was reported in section of the Press that frequent trouble maker, arrogant, and defiant of directives of Party High Command, former CM Yeddyurappa is intending to quit BJP and flout a new party in a couple of months. It is very good news for both BJP and its followers in the real sense. If his decision  is firm and final why  he requires a period of two months? He should quit at once. It maybe his pressure tactic. Instead of floating new party it would be better for his own sake (self-interest) by joining  hands with arch rival Congress Party for the time being  to get ride from all corruption charges levelled on him in illegal mining cases and denotification of lands.  Just like BSP chief  Mayawati who extended her Party’s full support to Congress lead UPA government  to escape from CBI enquiry. The same  can be done if Yeddyurappa follow her suit. Congress is badly in need and in search of leader from powerful Lingayat community to garner  votes. That post is vacant for long time   and can be easily be filled by Yeddyurappa.
SRIDHAR V KULKARNI, Tilakchowk, Kalyan (West) 421 301 Thane (Maharashtra)

The loneliness of Brahma (Organsier, 11.11.2012); This is with reference to an article ‘The Loneliness of Brahma’ in Organiser.  In Hindu mythology, ‘The almighty God’ is associated with human nature and weaknesses like, hunger, sex, disease, desires, feelings, lineage, physical degeneration, vulnerability to accidents, instincts and emotions, etc. Hence the so-called ‘Lord of the universe’ have a consort, son(s), daughter (s) and often falls a pray to even seasonal ills (Colds), get tired (Takes rest or sleeps) and needs an alarm to awake! He is like our worldly leaders who needs to get familiarised and known! The authors  of Hindu mythology could not differentiate between ‘ the Divine Act of Creation’ and the human/animal/plants forms of generation or pro-creation. The biological variations or varieties of evolution of species and the processes of continuation or recreation are so different and enormous that one cannot specifically describe any one form or concept to it.
SHAKIL AHMED,  22-8-585, Lakkad Kote, Chatta Bazar, Hyderabad

Boot out infiltrators, beware of Chinese shenanigans (Organiser,  18.11.2012); This is  with reference to the front page article ‘Boot out infiltrators, beware of Chinese shenanigans’ in Organiser. Instead of booting out infiltrators Central government and State government are giving full support to Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators and allowing them  free hand to loot, kill, usurp  local Hindus. This broad daylight treason is being committed since past three decades. Even as on today violenc is going on in Assam and only Indian Hindus are killed at the hands of foreign Muslims and these killings are celebrated as a move to fortify ‘Assami Muslim vote-bank’ . There are more than five crore Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators in India who had no food or employment in their own country, but are given full support, political shelter and provided with election card, ration card, houses, shops, business loans etc. in India. Shame on Congress. The  second point is ‘Beware of Chinese shenanigans’  and call for a comprehensive National Security Policy vis-à-vis China” but UPA  (mainly Congress) is behaving exactly the other way round. In 1962 we allowed China to occupy 38,000-40,000 sqkm of Aksai Chin in Ladakh and thereafter also China is continuing  its secrete advances  through endless incursions that go scot free. Instead of  protecting our borders the ruling UPA is  pampering its Islamic vote-bank” and “Christian vote-bank” and at the same time causing maximum ruin and damage to Hindus and Hinduism. China  is our enemy but UPA is treating it as political dignitory. ‘Muslim vote bank’ will lead this nation to further partitions, but UPA treats this as its political  compulsion. The same is the case with ‘Christian vote-Bank”. On 14.11.1962 Congress passed a resolution in the Parliament to regain the lost territory to China but till today shameless Congress has done nothing to honour the resolution.
Smt. SUHASINI PRAMOD VALSANGKAR, Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad-60

Too many scams, too few to fight them (Organiser, 4.11.2012); This is with reference to Shyam Khosla’s article in Organiser, ‘Too many scams, too few to fight them’. The writer has very beautifully defended Shri Nitin Gadkari. Infact the facts are good enough to prove his innocence. But  I fail to understand that  why Shri Gadkari has not issued any statement refuting the allegations made against him. Why he is  silent. Does it mean that he agrees to the allegations.

FDI in retail grinds government to a halt (Organiser, 25.11.2012); Of late the mood at the Centre is upbeat for as The Economist says “Mr Chidambaram briskly sets out a tempting menu of his intended economic reforms to boost confidence and raise investment growth.” The  Centre has woken up after 8 ½ years, opening eyes wide and far to be confronted with corruption, inflation, wide chasm between the rich and the poor, environmental degradation, along with  stinking prosperity of one per cent, too little benefits trickling down to the masses who with vacant  eyes stare at the shards of shattered dreams. Inefficiency, wastefulness, blatant corruption are the bane of our society. From out of the brains of our economists led by the expert Prime Minister an ambitious programme is being chalked out. The cash transfer scheme, measures  to spur our infrastructure development, increased foreign investment reining in fiscal deficit, etc. I don’t think anyone of us will understand this jargons nor or they by understanding provide us with two square meals. What with inflation sky high and no hope of coming down, our complacent netas not bothered while our PM hosts dinners and lunches to Opposition parties to toe his line of calling the tune for the FDI orchestra to perform in our motherland. FDI not only in multibrand retail but also investment, in insurance, pensions domestic airlines cable and satellite operation and what else?
SHANTA DYUTHIKAR, 39, 15th Cross Malleshwaram, Bengaluru

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