Discrimination by Choice

Discrimination by Choice

$img_titleDr Pravin Togadia

YOUNG Indian Hindu parents were jailed in Norway for trying to discipline their 7 year old son the simple Indian way. Mother will be in jail for 15 months and father 18. Police there say that the parents ‘maltreated’ the boy. Police had parked number of vehicles outside their home as if they were some internationally wanted terrorists. When Hindu organizations in Bharat and internationally demanded that the Govt of India intervene, the Indian Law Minister Salman Khurshid said, “This is their personal matter and the matter relates to Norway Law. We will not interfere.”

Earlier this year 2 toddlers, 3 years and 4 years old respectively were snatched from their Indian Hindu parents from their homes. Local administrators claimed that the parents were ill-treating their own kids by feeding curd rice to the kids with own hands and also making the kids comfortable and secure by sleeping in the same bed as is done in Bharat as a part of care of kids.

Thousands of Hindu Indians were brutally beaten up and arrested in Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and many African countries. Some for trying to save their ancient temples, some for speaking own mother tongue.

Thousands of Hindu girls were raped and forced to convert in Pakistan while thousands of Hindu families were forced out snatching all their belongings, homes and lands in Pakistan. I am not referring to 1947 but this year! Many of them tired, lost reached Wagha and Rajasthan borders where Indian Govt kept them stranded for days together demanding papers.

Day in and day out from Keral a to Andhra and from Maharashtra to Uttar Pradesh, from Assam to Gujarat and from Tamil Nadu to Manipur Hindu and Christian youth are brutally killed for marrying Muslim girls or vice versa. Some call it Love Jihad, some Honour Killing.

A Dalit (Scheduled Caste) very poor girl was gang-raped and murdered in Asthan village at Pratapgadh, Uttar Pradesh. Her family was threatened and police did not even file an FIR. For demanding justice to the poor girl, 15000 people from surrounding villages gathered there and 500 of them were charge sheeted while case on the rapists and killers have no sign anywhere. I have a list of similar examples from almost all states.

Now see the other set of examples:

Mr Naushad, an Indian Muslim went to work in the Middle East where he had some quarrel with a local Muslim in which the Muslim there got his eyes badly hurt. Middle Eastern court punished the Indian Muslim Naushad – an eye for an eye. Both eyes of Naushad’s were to be removed per the punishment. Back in Bharat, Naushad’s  wife with the local MPs met the Prime Minister. Lo and behold! The Indian PM immediately assured the family of all help, got the related ministries, embassies working and got Naushad released with his both eyes intact!

Dr Haneef – an Indian Muslim - was arrested in Australia on the allegations of terrorism. His pregnant wife back in Bharat standing on the streets wept and spoke to media who loyally relayed her pain for 3 days. Seeing her agony and tears, even Indian PM had flow of tears in his eyes. He immediately instructed the concerned officials, got a big team of expert lawyers sent to Australia and Dr Haneef walked a free man.
These are not mere examples or incidents. There are living people involved in them and these people have hearts in their body and tears in their eyes. But then some tears generate immediate sympathy and even solace whereas some are not only ignored but even ridiculed or suppressed.

This is CHOICE. The vote-mongers make discrimination by choice. I have not even mentioned the examples of umpteen number of temples ruthlessly razed to ground in Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kashmir or in Tripura, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi or in many other states whereas despite court orders, Islamic structures however unauthorized they may be, are being given governmental protection causing contempt of courts. But at this moment, let us see cases where individual pain also is being discriminated based on the religion!

Losing a child to an unknown family with totally different religious cultural background with the allegation stuck on to the head of the parents! Seeing young daughter being brutally raped! Govts discriminate in such situations as well. Media and Social activists were already doing so. Kashmir faced it, Gujarat faced it and now Andhra Pradesh Hindus are facing this discrimination. But even govts? Those who are supposed to treat all equally and claim that others are ‘communal’ and they themselves are ‘secular’ are invariably seen discriminating.

Part of Judiciary too is being now seen to get influenced of this ‘look good to media’ syndrome. Hundreds of Hindu youth have been sent to jail with their Facebook, Twitter accounts being blocked for expressing their opinions. But it took one Shaheen and her comment on the great Hindu leader Balasaheb Thakrey ji for media to suddenly start shouting ‘freedom’and for judiciary to suddenly start seeing pain and agony among youth for such arrests. Principally and practically too we all agree with Freedom of Expression; but then why is it available to only a particular religion and not for Hindus? The Hon Supreme Court of India has ordered shutting of loud speakers on Mosques. A respected senior Chief Justice of Patna High Court gave contempt of court notice to the local Police officer for not following the Supreme Court order. Result? The Judge was transferred. Those who shouted from the roof top and tried all their ways to push the Govt to block my Twitter handle during Assam unrest time, never recalled their earlier blah blah about freedom of expression. 

The Law Minister who now claims that the action and punishment to the Hindu Indian couple in Norway is ‘their personal and Norway’s legal matter’ did not advise the same to his own Govt in case of Naushad in Middle East or Dr Haneef in Australia. Two different sets of laws for Hindus and Muslims has now become a practice in Bharat by all Govts: to some Govts for votes and to some Govts for looking secular.
Hindus all over the world have been watching all this. When it comes to Myanmar Rohingya Muslims or Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators or a cartoon of film on Paigambar, all Muslims AND the Govts of all Muslim countries stand together in solidarity; but when it comes to Hindu issue, Govt of India and many states turn such a blind eye purposely to it as if Hindus do not exist for them. Internationally many Hindu groups do their bit to raise the issue. But they have limited power there. At least they are better off because they are not arrested or slapped with ‘Inflammatory Speech’ / ‘Treason’ cases there. Back in Bharat we all who raise Hindu issues face such cases – same as the Facebook fame Shaheen faced.

We individually will live with it and rise above the hurdles as Hindus. But the problems faced by Hindus in Pakistan, Norway, many African / South East Asian Muslim countries and even in Europe are serious. Issues faced by Hindus  as a religious group in Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Keral, Assam and other parts of North East, Rajasthan and almost all other states are serious. Hindu Human Rights are being violated day in and day out but because Hindus do not vote united, no govt. bothers about Hindu wrath.
When you all will read this article, 6 December, the Babri demolition day will be over. While renewing our pledge to build grand Ram Temple at Ayodhya, it is now time also to do a resolution to re-build grand and glorious Hindu Rashtra cutting across party line, castes, languages, regions and other differences among Hindus.
(The writer can be contacted at  drtogadia@gmail.com)

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