Banks on bang for the buck, Congress freebies and banal talks

Banks on bang for the buck, Congress freebies and banal talks

$img_titleTHE Congress gameplan to repeatedly assail the Gujarat chief minister, Narendra Modi  was out in the open, when the party fielded Shweta Bhatt, the wife of suspended IPS  officer, Sanjiv Bhatt against the Gujarat Chief Minister.

A beleagured Congress had systemetically organised a hate campaign against Modi since  2002. It has tried all possible tricks to dislodge the chief minister, who in fact continued  to grow from strength to strength. If Modi wins, this will be his third consecutive  electoral victory.

Sanjiv Bhatt hit the headlines when he filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court of India  against Modi for his alleged role in the 2002 Gujarat riots. He made allegations against Modi and SIT.  Bhatt was eventually suspended for allegedly “neglecting” his duty. He  was recently charge-sheeted for murder in a custodial torture case by a court in Jamnagar  district.

All the while Bhatt tried to project the picture of a sincere cop, whose motive  was to  highlight the truth. The suspended officer had indicated that he had no political agenda.
However,  the Congress’ sudden move to pitch Shweta Bhatt to contest the Maninagar  seat of the Chief Minister raised many eyebrows. Questions are now being asked whether,  Bhatt was a mere “pawn in the hands of  Congress.” Of course Shweta Bhatt has denied  that.

Lets look at what the Congress said in 2011, when Sanjiv Bhatt moved against Modi.
The Congress spokesperson, Mr Manish Tewari targeted Modi for orchestrating the  2002 Godhra riots and said that the submission of police officer Sanjiv Bhatt in his  affidavit in the Supreme Court was a well-known fact for the last nine years. Tewari went  on record saying “ “It is an open fact that what happened in Gujarat in 2002 were not riots  but state-sponsored massacre of minorities. It was slaughter of humanity. If IPS Bhatt has  said so, then we expect the Supreme Court would look into it.”

Replying to the BJP charge in 2011 that that Congress was behind Bhatt’s moves, Tewari  had replied: “ “BJP thinks it can speak a lie hundred times and turn it into truth. If it had  any morality, it would have sacked Modi in 2002 and submitted him to the court of law. It  is the shamelessness of the lead Opposition party that it is backing a chief minister who  ordered a massacre in his state.”

Cut to a Congress rally in Gujarat in January this year. At Surendranagar city in the state  posters featuring suspended IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt were put up. The poster  appealed to people to join the Congress in their fight against chief minister Narendra Modi.

When asked members of the Surendranagar district Congress committee claimed that  posters were put up for the Congress’s Satkarma fast against Chief Minister Narendra  Modi’s Sadhbhavna fast. District Congress members claimed that they had put up the  hoardings after obtaining consent from Bhatt.
However, Sanjiv Bhatt and Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee president Arjun  Modhwadia were quick to deny the involvement either of the Congress or Bhatt himself.
The posters put up in Surendranagar read that Bhatt has ideology and is not a politician,  while Modi who is a politician has no ideology. “There cannot be any compromise and  hence let the battle continue - “Sanjiv Bhatt, IPS,” the poster proclaimed. Bhalaji Solanki, the Surendranagar district Congress president had gone on record saying  that , “We had put up the hoardings couple of days before and these were sent to district Congress by Bhatt himself. We just got them painted large and put up all over  Surendranagar city.” This is what Bhatt had said then. “ The picture and the poem of  Bhuchung Sonam which was quoted in my letter to Narendra Modi are in the public  domain and can be used by anyone....”

On October 2, 2011, a story in the local English daily in Gujarat appeared saying  “ Congress leaders meet Sanjiv Bhatt’s family.”  The story read : “ Congress leaders  Shaktisinh Gohil and Narhari Amin today visited family of suspended IPS officer Sanjiv  Bhatt who was arrested on Friday for allegedly threatening a constable and fabricating  evidence. It then quoted Narhari Amin saying : “I and leader of the opposition Shaktisinh  Gohil had one to meet Bhatt’s family and extended our support and sympathies to them.”

He went on to add : “We have family-like relations with the Bhatts for so many years. It  is unfortunate that a serving IPS officer is treated like this.”
There are many such instances, which raises several questions of  a possible link between  the IPS officer and Congress in the past. Both sides, however, continued to deny any  nexus.
BJP reacted sharply to Congress move in fielding Shweta against Modi. BJP  spokesperson, Praksh Javdekar alleged “Congress is exposed thoroughly today. Whatever  Bhatt did in last 10 years, the whole architect, script writers and directors were the  Congress.” So far Congress has remained silent. But tried to speak through its candidate,  Mrs Bhatt, who denied the allegations and said : “ “My fight is for truth, to establish  democracy, please support me.”

Local observers feel that fielding Shweta against Modi was yet another blunder for the  Congress in the state. “ Congress seems to have nobody who is as strong and powerful as  Narendra Modi. So, they thought of fielding Shweta, whose husband is fighting a battle  against Modi. But, with no political acumen, it will be hard for Shweta to win against  Modi,”  local experts feel.

Some feel, the this election, could be Modi’s “toughest battle.” Yet the experts give him  an edge not merely because the Opposition, particularly Congress has no leader to match  his calibre, but also how Modi worked to develop the state. Also in a corruption-ridden  country, Modi has given a corruption free administration.
Congress is dreading Modi’s victory. The party realises that the third consecutive victory could launch the Gujarat chief minister into the national political scenario.  That Congress is staring at a possible defeat was also evident from the fact Rahul Gandhi has been kept  away from holding any rally in the state.


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